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Jacob Mondry is a Silvers Modality Healer located in Austin, TX.


In 2013, Jacob began studying with the founder of The Silvers Healing Modality, Candace Silvers. During this 10-year intensive training with the creator of the modality, Jacob fine-tuned his ability to clear physical, mental, and emotional blocks.

The brilliance of this modality is the ability clear physical blockages using energy healing, while also addressing mental and emotional blocks using Human Behavioral work. This whole-being treatment allows the mind and body to return to their natural, organic state.

For his clients around the world, Jacob offers:

-Healing Sessions in-person

-Healing Sessions on Zoom

-Human Behavioral Coaching Sessions

-In-Person Retreats

-6-Week Online Courses

Prior to becoming a Healer, Jacob was a singer-songwriter and performed on Season 18 of America's Got Talent.

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