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The Silvers Healing Modality (as seen on Gaia TV) is a powerful healing modality developed by Candace Silvers.

In this modality, the healer uses their hands as scanning devices to identify energy blocks within the client’s body and remaps their energetic state.

This non-invasive “surgery” works on muscles, bones, neurological and spinal systems, and internal organs and is known worldwide as an energy healing modality that has the capacity to heal all ailments. 

Depending on the specific condition, multiple sessions may be necessary or advantageous.

One of the keys to this modality's success is the ability clear physical blockages using energy healing, as well as addressing mental and emotional blocks using Human Behavioral work. This process brings the client's whole being into balance, health, and alignment, allowing the body to simply to return to its natural, organic state.

To schedule your healing session, please click here.

For more information about The Silvers Healing Modality, please visit the link below to watch the founder of this modality speak about the healing process on Gaia TV's Beyond Belief:

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