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A 6-Week Course in Austin, TX
Start Date: Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

Led by Silvers Modality Healer and

Human Behavioral Specialist, Jacob Mondry


by Jacob Mondry


“Prayer without action is no prayer at all.”

-Mother Teresa

Growing up, I was not raised religious. I didn’t resonate with the prayers I read in spiritual texts, but I still had a deep desire to connect with a higher awareness; to experience a miraculous life.

I began to wonder... What if I could write my own prayers? What if I could speak directly with God, Nature, The Universe... in my own words, directly from the heart?


Whenever I felt lost or unsure, I would speak directly with my higher awareness and immediately received crystal clear guidance. When I discovered this connection was possible, a whole new doorway opened to me: With each question I asked - whether it was for guidance in my career, relationships, health or happiness - the path forward was consistently and clearly illuminated in front of me.

Over time, I developed a personal practice that could be used by anyone to receive their own guidance. As I discovered, the guidance I sought was always here; available whenever I desired.

I’m honored to share with you — A Prayer Course made especially for you, as you are the co-creator of your life, creating miracles with every action.

To learn more about the Prayer + Action Course and to reserve your spot:

Click here to download your Information Packet.

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